Top Networking Sites to Find Proofreading Jobs

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2 min readSep 18, 2020

Where to Look for Your Next Proofreading Gig

Finding a proofreading gig can be daunting when you are first tapping into the industry. Perhaps this is your first time considering being a part of the industry. Perhaps you have called/emailed a few publishing houses to see if there are any suitable openings, but have had no luck. There are many possibilities as to why you have decided to come here and get the scoop on the top networking sites to find a proofreading gig and we’re gonna let you in on a secret. It’s time to start networking and applying through networking sites now. The following are a quick list of the top 10 social media networking sites to find your perfect proofreading gig:

  1. FlexJobs
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Indeed
  4. Monster
  5. UpWork
  6. Fiverr
  7. Journalism Jobs
  8. ProBlogger
  9. BloggingPro
  10. MediaBistro

Sure, I could spend hours boring you with the details of every networking site. But why do that when you can just simply go and scout around on each platform! The subscriptions are free and you get to look through jobs without even creating an account. It’s even suggested to apply directly through the site, but use the networks as a guide in showing which positions are available. So go ahead and start your search for your next dream proofreading job.

By Karla M. Cortes



Paid to Proofread Staff

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