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1 min readSep 28, 2020

Where and How to Look for Local Publication Opportunities

Although the Internet is the door to so many opportunities in this day and age, it is important to not overlook the “real world” when looking for job opportunities — especially within local organizations within your own community. Where there are organizations, there are publications that need proofreading!

Try making a list of all the community groups that make up your city or town. They are bound to have publications such as monthly newsletters, flyers, social media posts, and event pages. The following are a few common establishments that nine out of ten times have publication opportunities for you to proofread:

  1. Religious centers
  2. Community centers
  3. Historical societies
  4. Libraries
  5. Museums
  6. Neighborhood groups
  7. Police and fire associations
  8. Recreation centers
  9. Sporting leagues
  10. Theaters

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By Karla M. Cortes



Paid to Proofread Staff

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