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How a Manuscript Becomes a Distributed Book Pt. 2

We have covered the beginning stages of the publishing process from the manuscript being typed up by the author to the manuscript getting generated into the Second Pass. The following are the next and final stages of the manuscript becoming into a published and distributed book.

7. The second pass is then sent over to two new proofreaders: one to slug and the other to cold read

8. All the corrected pages are then sent back to the typesetter until the error-free copy is created
*The error-free copy is referred to as the Camera-ready copy meaning that the Printer will use this copy to photograph and print the book

9. The Publishing Editor then submits the camera-ready copy, as well as the instructions, design, and other specifications, to the Printer

10. The Printer then sends a set of page proofs, also known as Blues, bak to the Publishing Editor for final approval
*Proofs can be loosely bound or in separate sheets

11. The book is then printed but not bound yet
*F&Gs (Folded & Gathered) are sometimes sent to the Publishing Editor in order to make sure no major errors made it into the final copy

12. The book is then bound, cover and/or jacket is attached, and a final sample copy is sent to the Published Editor for the final approval before mass printing and distribution

13. The print run is then sent to the publisher’s warehouse for mass printing and distribution

There you have it! The complete process from when the manuscript is finished being written to the mass printing and distribution in book form. Every step listed in parts 1 and 2 is necessary in order to ensure that the book is in top shape for the author’s audience. For more information on how the publishing business works and/or how you can become a paid proofreader, purchase Sue Gilad’s Paid to Proofread book here.

By Karla M. Cortes



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