Choosing Your Proofreading Branch

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2 min readSep 18, 2020

What Type of Proofreading Is Your Best Fit?

Proofreading isn’t just centered around proofreading books. There are thousands of texts and written works out there that need proofing. From dinner menus to legal documents, proofreading goes beyond the standard manuscript. It is highly suggested by proofreaders to stick to one branch of proofreading in order to have a higher success rate in the industry. Here is how you can find the branch of proofreading that suits you the most.

Knowing Your Interests

The first thing to do when picking a specific branch is knowing your interests. If you love reading fiction and/or non-fiction books then you might want to do research on publishing houses that center around so. Have an interest in cooking and baking articles? Look for high audience-volume magazines/bloggers that focus on such and reach out to them. I highly suggest sitting down and making a list of interests then jumping onto a computer and finding writers who center their works around those interests.


Experience can make you go a long way. And I’m not just talking about proofreading experience; I’m talking about life experience. Say you are a barista at a coffee shop that roasts their own coffee. You were trained and taught how to roast and prepare all different types of coffee, which has made it one of your many passions. That experience alone can make you the perfect candidate as a proofreader for coffee roasters, shops, and the coffee industry overall. This is just one of the many experiences in your life that can hold you a step above everyone else.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Still don’t really know how to find the best proofreading branch for yourself? Then here are some questions that will get the ball rolling for ya:

  1. What in this world grabs my full attention in a positive way?
  2. What do I love to do in my free time?
  3. What culture or country attracts me the most?
  4. What do I like to read about?
  5. What is my dream job?

Ponder these questions and see if you land on something within. If you are still feeling uneasy, I suggest googling the best branches/niches the proofreading industry has to offer. Perhaps try calling a proofreader in your area and asking to grab a coffee in order to get some advice. The world is your oyster as they say, so might as well use all the resources you’ve got!

By Karla M. Cortes



Paid to Proofread Staff

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